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Gym for the Soul

Awake is a gym for the soul. A place where you can grow and evolve, at your own pace. We’ve curated a smorgasbord of transformational therapies, treatments & training programs to explore & enjoy. We are super geeky about healing & wisdom. The Awake experience covers the self development landscape including psychological therapies like CBT or integrative psychotherapy. Holistic treatments & health diagnostics. Classes teaching emotional intelligence, philosophy & meditation. Well being classes like yoga, conscious breathing, dance & movement. All offered individually or as part of a membership. 

We are here to help & guide the way towards Inner freedom, wisdom & well being for the global family. 

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Epic Journey of You

From the beginning, the human journey is an incredible, audacious & heartfelt adventure , full of thrills and spills. As humans, life can be hard navigating the highs and lows. Sometimes we have to deal with  loss, suffering, heartbreak and pain. At other times we get to experience the highs as well, like love, success, joy, physical and emotional well being and many other gifts.  Each of our unique journey’s can be seen as epic adventures,  which on occasion force us to dig deep bringing out our inner qualities like courage, patience, wisdom, resilience, and strength. This is what makes us human.

We celebrate the human journey, and acknowledge the unique qualities of each human life path. Awake exists to help people along the way, Whether you want to improve the quality of your relationships, get a new job, transform your health, deal with a break up, break a personal best or find deep inner peace. We provide a diverse selection of established therapies and classes guiding you through the  obstacles, helping you to find meaning and purpose as you go. 

We exist to facilitate personal & global transformation.

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