At Awake we are committed to redefining and transforming how people view & experience therapy. We do this by creating innovative approaches to old and new therapies, delivering them through affordable group programs.

We feel that for many, their image of therapy is very different to the reality. In it’s pure sense therapy can be an amazing adventure of self-discovery. Therapy can help us lead more happy, harmonious and enjoyable lives. It doesn’t have to be scary or weird, at Awake we want to make the process interesting, satisfying and ultimately rewarding.

Therapy & coaching can be expensive, paying for sessions every week can add up. Furthermore it’s difficult to know what therapy to do, and what is going to help. Even when we go to a session it’s difficult to know what approaches the therapist is using, and what specifically you are learning. Our dream is to make therapy wisdom available & accessible  to everyone.

Our innovative approach allows you to begin your therapy journey at a fraction of the price of normal therapy. Our courses allow you to actually learn the systems and frameworks that therapists use, so that you can apply that wisdom to yourself and the problems you face. We’ve set this therapy page up as a resource for you to read the different blog articles on therapy. At Awake we’ve taken a different approach to therapy. Check out our recent blog article on how we are trying to change the therapy experience. Hacking the therapy journey

So let’s summarise some of the different therapy and coaching tools and techniques we use so that you can find your way through our website and navigate some of the ideas and concepts. There are many different therapy approaches but check out our favourites.

Attachment Therapy: Attachment Science is a therapy system for helping us understand how we bond and build connections with each other. It teaches us that we have learned our attachment style from how our parents bonded with each other. If we can understand their bonding style, it gives us a new lens for making sense of our own relationship history. Check out our attachment therapy blog articles here. What is my attachment style? also How Attachment shapes our lives? Attachment therapy is at the heart of our approach and we feel it can be super helpful to navigate our relationship challenges.

Transactional Analysis: TA therapy was created by a guy called Eric Berne during the human potential movement in the 1960’s, in California. He studied human relationship dynamics and created a therapy approach designed to make sense of these dynamics, so that we can live more peaceful, self aware, emotionally literate lives. If you want to learn more about TA therapy, see here to understand. ‘what is Transactional Analysis’. We then break down the different elements of TA therapy on our Blog Page. TA details the fact that human beings decide the narrative of their life in the first 5 years of existence. Berne called this narrative, Life-script. Here we detail what exactly life-scripts are. Understanding your life script? . TA therapy also focuses on the unconscious games that we can all play in our relationships, for many these are games that we have learned from childhood. This therapy blog article will help you bring awareness to the games you might play, the Games people play. TA therapy goes on to investigate how we give and receive love in relationships. It details how we can control ourselves and others through controlling the flow of love. To find our more about this type of TA therapy check out this blog here. The Strokes we seek . Finally, you may have noticed how we all have different sides to us, maybe you notice how your partner behaves one way to some, and another way to others. TA therapy helps you to understand the different masks we all where, and how that can effect our ability to find love and happiness. Read more about it here, ‘The different faces we wear’

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy : Commonly known as CBT, Cognitive Behavioral therapy is one of the most well known and popular therapy’s out there. Unlike the other therapies mentioned here that are more analytical, CBT is more focused on the thoughts we have, and how those thoughts effect our feelings. CBT teaches us that our emotions and thoughts are things that we can control, and take responsibility for. Ultimately CBT therapy helps us to manage our emotions so that we can have a more balanced, harmonious emotional experience. This wisdom has been past down through many generations and comes from more ancient traditions like Stoicism in Ancient Greece, and also Buddhist philosophy. Check out our blog article here on the ancient history of Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Also have a look on our CBT page for some more info. Finally Cognitive Behavioral therapy can be used on pretty much any situation, see here to see how we can use CBT to help deal with anxiety in Dating.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: ACT therapy is one of the more modern therapies that integrates and builds on the shoulders of other systems and approaches. ACT Therapy helps you manage your emotions and thoughts so that you can achieve inner balance. It incorporates ideas from CBT Therapy and Mindfulness taking many of the best tools and approaches into this system. ACT teaches you to face & accept the things you are afraid, while at the same time to commit and take action towards the things you love and care about. To find out more about this therapy why not visit our ACT page here. This type of therapy can also be used to help many different problems. Here we’ve looked at how ACT can help deal with Heartbreak and Rejection. Furthermore have a look at the ACT approach to emotions and why our emotions matter. Our ACT therapist & coach is Dr Ana Costa, she’s been teaching and using this approach to help people for many years. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Family Systems Therapy: Family Systems therapy is a therapy approach based on the concept that the current challenges we face in life begin in our early childhood family lives. Family’s are complex networks of dynamics, each of our own family history’s are unique. Each family has a unique fingerprint, a specific dynamic that gives birth to the patterns, thoughts, behaviours and challenges which we take with us into our future lives. Family Systems therapy is all about understanding and bringing awareness to our own family histories so that we can make new choices and create a future, free of the limitations from the past. So why not check out our Family therapy page. Also we recently wrote a super cool blog article outlining the different aspects of family systems therapy. What is family therapy?

We are committed to fusing and bringing together the best elements of different therapy’s and wisdom schools to create the ultimate selection of knowledge.