“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

Marcus Aurelius the old Roman Emperor, was committed to every man, woman and child being spiritually and emotionally enlightened. He had wisdom schools all around Rome to make philosophy freely available for everyone. Undoubtedly it was a pretty big thing in those days. At Awake we want to bring Philosophy back into the mainstream, as we fill that we could all benefit from a little more wisdom in our day to day life.

Ancient Philosophy was primary concerned with ‘the art of living’. In many respects philosophy is similar to therapy and coaching. It is about transforming the life of the philosopher. The ancients conceived of the ideal philosopher, as essentially a warrior of the mind, a spiritual hero. However, over time it seems we’ve lost the warrior and moved more to only academic interest. In the old days, philosophy was an everyday part of life.

The stoic philosophers compared philosophy to gymnastic training achievement. In the same way that we can become physically stronger through exercise. The Greeks believed that we can do the same for our mental training. Essentially the philosopher uses mental exercises to tone his mind. Learning philosophy helps to essentially develop a rulebook for living, by learning a set of principles and theories, which in using can help us all live happier, more peaceful & harmonious lives.

At Awake we want to integrate the most engaging, relevant and effective philosophies. No doubt we will continually be adding to our selection but for now we have both Stoicism, Taoism, and also Ontological Coaching.