• Awake Launch Offer

    Free Access to Classes

    As part of our initial launch campaign we are offering free access to our live group self development classes. It’s really simple, just jump on to our booking page and click on the class of your choice. We are working with zoom events so it’s very simple to book a class.

    This is a limited offer for our launch period.

    • Free Access to Classes
    • Expert Therapists
    • Live Group Classes
    • Pick n’ Choose classes
  • Awake Unlimited

    £9.99pm / First Month Free

    Our unlimited membership is tailored for those keen to explore different training classes across Therapy, Coaching and Meditation.

    With £9.99 a month you’ll be able to gain unlimited access to our selection of large group classes. Pick n’choose your way through the different therapies and approaches. This is the perfect opportunity to learn therapy wisdom, and make self development a part of every day life.

    • £9.99 Monthly subscription
    • Free first Month Membership
    • Free Access to Awake Events
    • Pick n’ Choose classes
    • Unlimited Access (Large Classes)