Have you ever wondered why your relationships go the way they do? Wondered why you keep having the same situations and challenges? Maybe you keep attracting the same partner, maybe you get scared as you get too close to love? Maybe you lose interest in partners quickly?

We all can be faced with different issues. Each of these problems are perfectly designed to help bring awareness to our own personal issues. A dating coach can help understand and integrate the wisdom that our problems present.

Relationships are the ultimate game to learn about ourselves, our lovers and also life in general. Relationships are the cauldron which can bring up our own fears and insecurities, so that we can become aware and ultimately transform them.

Most people spend much of their time dating unconsciously. This means that we are essentially being run by our unconscious programming. We are not present to the forces that control and shape our experience. Therapy and psychology have discovered many tools and theories that make sense and explain the challenges we face. Having a dating coach gives you the tools to make sense of the unconscious forces that drive us.

At Awake we believe that dating and relationships are opportunities for inner growth. We feel that it’s through relationships that we can learn about ourselves and evolve to become more complete, peaceful and wise human beings. A dating coach helps you to make the most of the challenges you face. A dating coach can help bring awareness to your needs and issues, and help understand the baggage we bring in to our relationships. All of us have a family history, a relationship history and an emotional history. When we date we bring those history’s into the moment. Sometimes these historical patterns are conscious, other times they lie hidden, unconsciously beneath the surface. A dating coach can help you get present to your unconscious programming, and the historical patterns we all bring with us.

Ultimately relationships offer the way to inner harmony, peace and completion. In successfully dealing with relationship obstacles we learn the skills and wisdom to find our way home. Our partners are  a mirror, so we can truly see ourself, and what we need to address to find inner peace. Relationships are a teacher, a guide, if we choose to see them that way.

At Awake we are a dating coach of sorts. Firstly you can check out our dating blog articles. We fuse therapy wisdom with dating to offer practical down to earth wisdom. Read about Cognitive behavioural therapy and dating anxiety, maybe check out how Acceptance & Commitment therapy can help with rejection , or investigate how Digital dating is Shaping us . On our blog there are a variety of different therapy’s and approaches you can learn about.

Attachment therapy: The primary type of relationship wisdom we use is Attachment theory, this essentially teaches us that the relationship your parents had with each other and ultimately with yourself is the primary blueprint for your dating life. When you understand your attachment style, it can shine a light and explain all the issues you are dealing with in your relationships and dating life. We have outlined the details of attachment theory in our blog articles What is my attachment Style? , and also understanding how it can affect your relationship journey How attachment can shape our lives? . We will be updating our attachment therapy pages as we go.

Transactional Analysis: Learning Transactional analysis therapy is at the heart of understanding your relationships and dating life. It was created by a guy called Eric Berne in the 1960’s during the human potential movement in California. Berne outlined the details of human relationship dynamics and developed many different therapy tools and approaches to help people with the problems they face. Check out our basic instruction blog to understand TA Therapy ‘What is Transactional Analysis? On our blog we have outlined many of these different therapy approaches. For example have a look at our Life-Scripts article Understanding your life script. Here, Berne established that we essentially create the narrative and script of our lives in our first few years alive. Learning to understand your life script helps you make sense of your relationship history. He also documented the unconscious games we can play with each other, some of these games are healthy but most end in arguments and disputes. Bringing awareness to these games can help transform your relationships. Read the blog and begin to understand the types of games you might play . TA therapy also deals with the different personas we can wear, you might have noticed that many human beings seem to have different sides to them, they might act one way, then another in a different circumstance. See our therapy blog article here to understand ‘the different faces we wear’. Our dating coach wisdom integrates all these approaches to help you on your journey of dating and love

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