Hacking the Therapy journey

Transforming the therapy experience

Is it possible to hack the therapy experience, is it possible to transform how people learn and experience the journey of inner-transformation. Is it possible to give people more immediate access to therapy wisdom, in a more direct way, at a fraction of the cost ?

The journey of therapy and self-discovery can be challenging. Finding the right therapist, deciding what therapy to have, wondering if the therapist is giving you the right therapy, Would you know if they weren’t ? It’s difficult to know. Even after the therapy experience understanding what’s happened, or what progress you’ve made.

It’s easy to think therapy is a serious and sobering experience, undoubtedly it can be.

But therapy can also be interesting, fascinating, life changing, exciting, and be a rich and meaningful journey of self-discovery. Our own personal journeys are filled with adventure, and therapy helps us make sense of the paths we walk. Therapy is inner transformation but it’s also about learning new skills, seeing life in new ways, and ultimately evolving as a self.

There are so many different schools of therapy, since psychotherapy was created by the likes of Freud and Jung it has come a long way over the years. Through different people and thinkers it has evolved, changed and crystallised into what you see today.

That being said our experience of therapy has been shaped in many ways by our individual cultures and experiences, furthermore by the news, media, the health authorities and maybe our own personal therapy experiences.

Therapy fulfills a key role of helping us all deal with difficult emotional challenges, allowing us to get help and support when we need it. But what about the other parts of therapy, the journey of self discovery, learning new wisdom, understanding yourself in a deeper more integrated way.  Therapy to really help you live life to the full.

It is normal for therapists to specialize in a particular approach. Even though they might be aware of many theories, we all tend to lean towards our favourites or the ones we feel most comfortable with. With this in mind it is easy for many types of therapy to not be used, or worst still to be forgotten. 

Like old books left to gather dust on the bookshelf, so do therapy approaches. Lost in the haze of culture and history. Systems like Transactional analysis, Family systems & attachment theory can easily take a back seat to more commonly known approaches like Integrative psychotherapy or CBT.

It is my feeling that many of the best and most exciting therapies are just not that accessible to the mainstream. Sure, we can all ‘get help’ if we need it. But can we explore and enjoy the many different approaches. Do you, the customer know about attachment theory, or transactional analysis? Do you know about family systems  or Acceptance & Commitment therapy. These are all incredible bodies of knowledge, and for most, you won’t find out about them in therapy.

As a CBT therapist myself we focus on a solution orientated approach. That means we help our clients work towards their goals, we believe in educating our clients and teaching them wisdom. CBT is a system of thinking that we can learn and use. We believe in our clients taking that knowledge and applying it to their own problems. Ultimately we want our clients to become their own therapists so that they can solve their own problems and become wiser more emotionally aware people.

When someone teaches wisdom & information we call it ‘Didactic’, whereas if they are just asking questions we call it socratic. Much of the current therapy process is more relational in nature.

At Awake we want to take a more didactic approach and apply it to the other therapies, we want to teach different therapy approaches so that you can use them yourself and apply them to your own challenges. There are so many interesting therapies that in the current therapy experience it is difficult for you to learn about them.

Let’s have a look at a few of them. Attachment theory, what started off as a fairly dull theory of understanding how we as humans bond with our loved ones is now the hottest relationship science of the century. Understanding your attachment style and your partners will transform your life, there is a clear before and after. At Awake we want to educate everyone to understand their attachment styles.

Family systems therapy is huge in the US, and almost non-existent in Europe. It’s wisdom is timeless. Once you begin to understand your family history and the dynamics of your family you can begin to see how your current life circumstances are shaped and sculpted by your past. At Awake we teach the basics so that you can understand these forces and take emotional responsibility.

Transactional Analysis has a scary title, but created by Eric Berne during the human potential movement of the sixties it outlines the key elements of human communication dynamics. Are you interested why you get stuck in the same tennis match arguments, ever wondered why you have certain dynamics with certain people. TA will teach you and show you. Understanding TA will transform your life in a positive and meaningful way, and ultimately lead you to inner peace and harmony.

CBT & ACT are two amazing approaches, based in philosophy and wisdom that teach you to take emotional responsibility and master your emotions. The reactive mindset is always getting us into trouble. But as CBT teaches us, we don’t always have control of our circumstances but we do have the ability to manage our emotions and thoughts. In this respect we can sincerely dedicate ourselves to emotional freedom.

I could go on with the list of awesome therapies. The point is in the ordinary therapy experience you don’t always get to learn these approaches. Maybe you learn certain aspects of them but you rarely get the opportunity to learn and apply the systems for yourself. You could spend years in therapy and not learn your father was an ‘avoidant type’, or that your spouse had a parent /child communication dynamic with you.

Our mission at Awake is to share and educate the world about these amazing life changing therapies, in a way that allows you to learn and integrate them. How can you learn about these approaches without spending 2 years in therapy or doing a therapist training course. We want everyone to know about the best parts of attachment theory, or Transactional analysis. We want you to have more wisdom and knowledge to apply to your own life. A little bit of wisdom can make a huge difference to your life.

There will always be a valuable & important place for one-on-one therapy. But group learning is an underated and underused approach for learning new approaches. Group experiences shift the experience to a more learning based

At Awake we want to also offer an expanded selection of therapies delivered in group class formats as part of a membership program that gives you access to the world of therapy wisdom, that allows you to have a different experience of learning.

The world of therapy can be an exciting journey of self discovery. Each of these approaches will help anyone live a better, more enjoyable more self aware life.

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