• How Digital Dating is shaping us? Part 2

    Join us in our investigation of digital love Choice Overload Having access to a massive dating pool has psychological consequences. Dating apps give the impression that our dating choices are endless. The same accessibility that opens the door for us to make new connections also overloads us, because our brains and nervous systems haven’t evolved […]

  • How Digital Dating is Shaping us? Part 1

    Investigating how digital dating is really changing us Whatever you think and feel about online dating, it’s made a pretty dramatic impact on society in the past decade. From personal ads that began appearing in publications in the 16th century, videocassette dating services that sprang up in the 70s, to real-time, location-based mobile apps: the […]

  • Heartbreak and rejection: How ACT can help?

    Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Heartbreak Your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend has just ended. First you felt numb, then the reality of what happened sinked in, and you felt angry. Your anger is exacerbated when you find yourself following your ex on social media and you come across a picture of him/her with […]

  • How can CBT help with dating anxiety?

    A blend of cognitive therapy (examining our thoughts) and behavioural therapy (examining our behaviours), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT helps us to identify how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect each other, and gives us tools to challenge these patterns. It’s estimated that we experience between 70,000 and 100,000 thoughts every day, giving us plenty […]