• Twelve Tips for Dealing with Adversity

    Surviving the Hero’s Journey Pain and adversity can come in a thousand different flavours, each with its own unique expression and challenges. Learning to successfully navigate these obstacles is at the heart of our own personal evolution. As we become more comfortable with adversity we get better at dealing with, overcoming and transcending our troubles. […]

  • How Digital Dating is shaping us? Part 2

    Join us in our investigation of digital love Choice Overload Having access to a massive dating pool has psychological consequences. Dating apps give the impression that our dating choices are endless. The same accessibility that opens the door for us to make new connections also overloads us, because our brains and nervous systems haven’t evolved […]

  • How Digital Dating is Shaping us? Part 1

    Investigating how digital dating is really changing us Whatever you think and feel about online dating, it’s made a pretty dramatic impact on society in the past decade. From personal ads that began appearing in publications in the 16th century, videocassette dating services that sprang up in the 70s, to real-time, location-based mobile apps: the […]

  • Hacking the Therapy journey

    Transforming the therapy experience Is it possible to hack the therapy experience, is it possible to transform how people learn and experience the journey of inner-transformation. Is it possible to give people more immediate access to therapy wisdom, in a more direct way, at a fraction of the cost ? The journey of therapy and […]

  • The ‘Journey of you’ – Part One

    The Hero’s Path – Through the flames of Suffering This story is for the true hero’s, for those of you out there who are dealing with the many shades of adversity & suffering life can deliver. Maybe physical pain, or emotional turmoil. Suffering can come in a thousand flavours, the unimaginable grief of losing loved […]

  • What is Pranayama?

    Emotions can be soothed and stabilized via specifically designed breathing practices. You can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. Breathing has such an immediate impact on your mind and body that even the act of inhaling vs. exhaling affects your nervous system differently. It’s common to […]

  • What is Ecstatic Dance?

    Ecstatic Dance is like a double dose of multi-vitamins, your dream holiday or the department store that stocks everything you need. It’s your one-stop for everything that’s going to make you feel good because it works on every level – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. You wouldn’t be alone if you’ve never heard of Ecstatic […]

  • What Good are Emotions ?

    The experience of identifying and describing one’s feelings is part of what makes us human. Emotions or feelings are part of being human. The experience of identifying and describing one’s feelings is part of what makes us human (although animals have been found to also experience emotions, like humans do, they lack the ability to […]

  • What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

    Find harmony with this ancient system of healing In the family of energy healing treatments, Jin Shin Jyutsu isn’t as well-known as reiki or other techniques. Alexis Brink, the Jin Shin Institute director and the author of The Art of Jin Shin, is on a mission to change that. “Because there’s so little known about this art, […]

  • How the Enneagram can help you avoid heartbreak?

    With the help of the Enneagram, you can get a clearer picture of your own preferences and patterns, “I always seem to go for the bad boy. Fast-forward 6 months later and the relationship collapses like a black hole. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Why do I keep doing that!? I just […]

  • What is Stoic Philosophy?

    Stoicism is a philosophy that builds our character, focusing on what matters and prompting us to take action. An old Cherokee told his grandson a story about a battle between two wolves inside us. One wolf is Evil; it is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. And the other wolf is good; it […]

  • Healing through Dance

    Ever been told not to get angry or that you’re being too emotional? F* that. We’re human – we feel happy, sad, frustrated, jealous, loving, kind, vengeful. We feel it all. For too long I denied the so-called ‘negative’ emotions. I tried to ‘rise above’ them, to keep my ‘vibration high’. But try as I […]